Samoa Island

Here is a beautiful island of Samoa….

Samoa is a great tourist destination n the South Pacific region. It is an island country with a population of less than half a million people living in it. Samoa consists of many islands with only a few settlements. Samoa boats a lot in the tourism industry; with the advantage of being an island nation, the extensive white sandy beaches with clear blue waters of the Pacific is lifetime experience to grab while in Samoa.

There are various aces you can choose to sleep in Samoa. If you want to stick to lower budget, find comfortable and cheap facilities in Beach Fales. Some tourists find it possible to even camp in villages under the permit of the village chief, as long as they respect the local culture. Other advanced forms of accommodation include exotic beach resorts, hotels, and guesthouses. To directly access the contacts and details about the accommodation facilities in Samoa, visit Samoa Tourism Authority website.

Samoans have a different way of preparing food. When you come into Samoa and visit the local villages, ask them how they traditionally cook their food. Samoa also has modern hotels and restaurants that not only offer Samoan food, but also western and other foreign desserts such as Chinese dishes by Chinese restaurants

Nature expresses the unique beauty of the Samoa Islands. A visit to national parks in Upolu and Savaii Islands and get to see the beautiful bird species that dominate the islands, the tropical forests, blowholes, huge caves, lava fields, gorgeous natural lakes and applauding waterfalls in the islands. The coast is also filled with vibrant beaches with many facilities for water sports. Other places you can visit are the museums and villages during cultural tours throughout the island.



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