I am travel blogger as you all know…but with i think i have to write some thing on other issues…

We all have desire’s in life…..but we are not satisfied at any stage of life….this not our fault its a human nature..we want to fulfill our desire’s at any cost…and if we fail to fulfill our desire’s we consider our self as a unlucky person…

Remember one thing always….never fight with nature….always feel happy what you have…because think about those people who don’t have these things which you have…i 100% guarantee you that you will feel yourself as happiest person in the world

There is no restriction on desires…just be happy about what you have…

Map195 by obaid khan

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  1. yes Obaid! “”just be happy about what you have…””

    being happy for life is beautiful and important! And then Obaid, dreams cost nothing, don’t you think?

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  2. exact! You know Obaid in Italy it is said: who has too much, has nothing! (referring to material goods). Happiness is health, family, love, life…. and unfortunately there are those who don’t even have those…

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  3. You said it all, “Just be happy with what you have..”
    Although, difficult it is not impossible. So even trying to be happy is a small step and absolutely worth it.

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